Shop Around to Save Money at Every Turn

Despite best intentions and planning to the contrary, household spending sometimes presents challenges to your personal income. As fast as your paycheck deposits, it seems, outgoing obligations eat up your monthly reserves. If this sounds like your experience, money saving opportunities are likely welcome. Trimming expenses is a far-reaching endeavor, when done properly, extending to… Read More »

Financially Savvy Saturdays – Personal Finance Link Up # 132

Welcome to Financially Savvy Saturdays, a link up created just for personal finance bloggers! We love reading anything to do with personal finance here. Whether you’ve written anything from how to find the best stocks this year to frugal DIY home decorating tips, you’re invited to link-up. If it relates to personal finance, we want… Read More »

4 Benefits of Credit Cards Compared to Debit Cards

Last week I shared 4 reasons debit cards are better than credit cards, and those factors have gradually made debit cards more popular over time. Credit cards are still more ubiquitous compared to debit cards, but the latter are quickly becoming more common because debit cards are designed to prevent debt, which for many people… Read More »

4 Reasons Why Debit Cards Are Better Than Credit Cards

A couple of decades ago, credit cards were heavily promoted by banks and people from almost all walks of life were encouraged to apply for their very own credit card as soon as these consumers were old enough to vote. Not surprisingly, credit card debt rose drastically over the years and most people found themselves… Read More »

13 Meaningful Quotes about Frugal Living and Thrift

I’ve often come across wonderful sayings about frugality and marveled at the genius behind them. I decided to compile some of these quotes for reference, because I strongly identify with them and feel they encompass the idea of frugal living as well as good money management. 1. ‘We make ourselves rich by making our wants… Read More »

Debt Free at 26 – How Cassie Repaid Her Student Debt

Today we’re interviewing “Cassie from KY”, an anonymous and highly inspiring interviewee who shared her incredible achievement of having paid off all her student loans at a young age of 26! She graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in December 2011, and (as she puts it) got married to a wonderful man in the… Read More »

5 Ways to Reduce Your Blog’s Bounce Rate

I’ve been thinking about doing something drastic with my blog for a while now. I have spent several months thinking I could emulate my old blog’s success by simply creating solid content and dropping a few comments here and there, without any focus on social media. Looks like times have changed and I need to… Read More »

Paid Back $50,000 in 5 Years – Laura’s Journey to Debt Freedom

I recently had the honor of interviewing Laura, an amazing personal finance blogger who writes at How to Get Rich Slowly. Here are some insights into her experience with debt. 1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself I re-built my life from the ground up after a painful divorce. A single mom at… Read More »

9 Features of a Good Personal Finance, Budgeting and Saving Apps

There are lots of personal finance apps in the market these days, attempting to ride the wave of digital financial tools that rose with the advent of smart phones. Many of these apps offer a host of money management services, while others focus on small niches like saving money, income management, retirement planning, debt repayment… Read More »

5 Ways Frugal Families Save Money On Clothes

We’ve skirted around this topic before – remember when we talked about frugal fashion in our article about how to live a frugal lifestyle? Well, today we march right into the arena of money saving tips as well as budgeting tips that apply specifically to families that are dealing with their wardrobes. 1. Frugal families… Read More »

Frugal Drivers / Driving and Road Etiquette People Forget These Days

In the past, we’ve taken to liberty to stretch the meaning of frugality and included the term ‘frugal education’ in our ramblings, and today we decided to do the same with ‘frugal driving’. Yes, it seems insane because frugal living is confined to spending money economically or as Google’s own dictionary puts it, being unwasteful… Read More »

6 Budgeting Tips For Singles

Budgeting is as important for single men and women as it is for anyone else. So whether you’re single by chance or by choice, here are a few budgeting tips you can use as a starting point towards financial betterment or even financial independence. 1. Single people can save on transport costs If you live… Read More »

Paying Off Debt – Abigail Perry’s Story From ‘I Pick Up Pennies’

Today we’re posting an interview of a very well-known personal finance blogger, Abigail, from ‘I Pick Up Pennies‘, which is a very heartfelt blog about coping with debt, disability and life in general. Abigail and her husband have successfully managed to pay off thousands of dollars worth of debt without any professional help. All they… Read More »

6 Aspects of a Frugal Lifestyle – What It Means & How To Live It

What does it mean to be frugal? How can one define frugality? I often think about that while reading personal finance blogs or thinking about my own financial strategy and there is no single correct answer to these questions. Being frugal generally implies wise money management and it could mean different things to different people… Read More »

Frugality, Sacrifices and Delayed Gratification

Our last article (rather skillfully, if I do say so myself!) demonstrated the difference between being frugal and being a miser, and today we build on that idea and talk about the role of sacrifices in the frugal philosophy. The definition of frugality is pretty expansive because we’re dealing with a frugal mindset that shapes… Read More »

Difference Between Frugal and Miserly – Analyzing the Vibes of these Words

Ever wondered what the difference between frugal and miserly is? Or different between being frugal and being cheap and stingy? It’s a common question and we have some great examples to help you understand the basic difference. Let’s take a few steps back first. We’ve mentioned before that the best way to approach your finances… Read More »

6 Easy Budgeting Tips for 2016 and Beyond

With the advent of the new year, many people have resolved to improve their financial health and learn more about money management. The reason could be anything ranging from wanting to save money for the family or early retirement to wanting to get out of debt, but their is only one solution – save that… Read More »

Grandpa’s Top 5 Stock Trading Tips – Beginners Guide

Stock investments seem risky business to lots of people and they can get intimidated by all the information there is out there about this topic. We, therefore, list some stock market trading tips, which will be a beginners guide to those who want to tip their toes into this vast ocean of public share trading.… Read More »

Personal Finance and Smart Phones

Mobile phones have been around for around two decades and the technology has evolved at the rapid pace. We once had huge brick-type phones that would only let us talk and send text messages to people we knew and now cellphones are almost as advanced as laptops! And these days personal finance and smart phones… Read More »